Sunday, October 12, 2014

Redman - AKA trouble maker

Redman, in a nutshell is trouble.

Redman inteerstingly enough is Indy's 1/2 brother and Eazy is a distant relative. We didn't realize the connection until we'd already bought him.

While Redman has a sweet temperament he is trouble. He gets bored easily and will climb into and on almost anything. He's often at the top of the manure pile or standing on the large dirt pile we have at the back of the property. I am sure he is trying to figure out if he can jump out to freedom.

Redman loves water. As a 3 year old he spent pretty much all winter in the mud puddles. Often standing in the middle pawing and splashing until he was soaked. There used to be a much larger water tub in his paddock but it had to be removed as he could climb into it, and did, daily.

The beach is one of his favourtie places and he has been known to run off into the water hell bent on flopping down in it. If you are riding him at the beach you need to keep on your toes or you will get wet!

He'd like to think he is the boss of the herd but Indy often reminds him he is not. Redman has tumbled off the top of the manure pile having pestered Indy until he pushes him off many times. But he never looses his curiousness.

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