Sunday, October 5, 2014

Changing Up My Keepsake Line

I've had a keepsake line in my Etsy Shop for a year or so now and have really wanted to expand on it. With prompting from a few friends I've finally added a few new pieces. The ring above is a sterling silver hollow form ring, poured with resin and silver pixie dust, cured, then a piece of my horses tail hair wrapped in silver wire has been laid in and another resin pour on top. I am so smitten with this design. I think it offers a unique, one of a kind keepsake for people. There are lots of things that could be laid into it. Any kind of hair, dried flowers, sand and I suppose even ashes.

The other pieces I've added are pet keepsake pendants, they have a 3 D effect to the as the top plate is raised up from the backplate. A name or saying can be stamped into the backside.

It's been a bit of work to figure the new additions out but it's nice to change things up and offer some new pieces.

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