Sunday, September 30, 2012

Island Fireflies

Yesterday we had our monthly Island Fireflies meeting. I carpooled up with Kathy and Iesha, it's always nice to have someone to chat with on the drive, this meeting was in Nanimo so we had a good couple hours chat time!

Of course we had tons of food as always! I have to admit I look forward to the food, I love having a bit of everything, it's my favourite way to eat!

Kathy did a impromptu spinning demo and it was pretty interesting. I had no idea how dexterous you need to be to spin yarn!

We always do a bead exchange, I put in the button on the crochet cuff as our challenge this month was buttons.

We also have a challenge every month, it's optional to participate. Last months challenge was buttons and as you can see we had some great buttons!!

We capped off the day by watching a friend of ours at Western Speedway. She races Bombers and holy cow! I had no idea they hit each other in that division! She got hit hard twice and I had a real hard time watching it, then once I realized she was ok (and a damn good driver!) I got mad and instantly thought "she needs to chase that car down and ram it!". She wound up at the back of the pack when the race finished but boy can that girl drive!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I could win a torch!

I've entered the above owl ring in a contest that could win me a new torch! I could use some votes (if you like the piece). It's a facebook hosted contest so you do need to be on FB to vote.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is here

Fall is here, the leaves are changing and summer is on it's way out. The Jewelry Artisans Community's blog hop post is about the transition from summer to fall this week.

Fall tends to be a time of year I hunker down in the studio and get lots of work done. This year we are having a warm fall so I've been in the garden a lot more than normal. I'm trying to make good of the promise I made myself that I would winterize the garden this year and not just walk away come fall. So I've been staking berries, trimming back perennials and mulching.

I think within the next week or two I'll be back in the studio and working hard!

Some of the other blog posts about fall can be seen at the following links!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Be That Person

I get weekly email newsletter from Christine Kane, summer is always a busy time around here and I'll admit I haven't been reading them much. But this morning I sat down with a good cup of tea in the sunbeam coming through the window and read her newsletter. I'd forgotten how comforting I find them.

Every move counts

When you know,
That everything matters,
That every move counts as much as any other,
You will begin living a life of permanent purpose.

~ Ross

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I so needed this!

My Glossy Box came today and boy did I need it! I nice present just for me! In it was all the following goodies.

50 ml of Sebastian Potion 9 Lite 6.50 value

Biore Make Up Removing Towelettes (pack of 10) value 3.99

Kryolan Lipstick in Glossy pink value 16.99

Kyrolan Lipstick in LC101 Red value 16.99

Befine Food Skin Care assorted pack value 24.00

Trend Trunk gift card 5.00 value

Elastoplast Blister SOS value 1.20

Total value 70.00 and I am SO excited to try the Befine skin products they also sent a 20% off card on your first order!

Monday, September 10, 2012