Friday, October 10, 2014

Eazy Money - not so Eazy

Eazy Money, really what kind of name is that? Turns out 1/2 of it is fitting. We bought Eazy as he was being retired from steer wrestling for my husband. We did not retire him. And he made money, a lot. Eazy paid for himself within the first few years of us purchasing him, in winnings. Neither myself or my husband had ever purchased a finished horse before and we have never regretted paying so much money for this one. I still joke he cost more than our truck and trailer combined!

Eazy did his job better than any horse we had ever owned. We were offered over twice what we paid for him many times. He was voted runner up top steer wresting horse in Canada several times and he won more saddles, buckles and awards than all our other horses combined. He loved his job and did it well and still to this day is at the gate chomping at the bit if the horse trailer gets hooked up.

But Eazy is not easy.

He hates the snow. And he spent over 1/2 his life in alberta.

He likes his hay on the ground, only. His grain wet and can spit out the little pink "vitamin" pellets that come in it.

He is terrified of fireworks, loose dogs, the beach, large rocks on the trail, buffalo (don't ASK long story) and thunder. He is herd bound and the least stoic animal ever. If he has a minor boo boo he'll make sure and point it out to you.

Eazy is what we call "our bubble boy" but we adore him anyways. He's 33 this year. He's been retired for 3 years now and is not happy about it. On trail rides he often wistfully gazes off at any cows he come across. I think he'd still chase one down given the chance.

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