Sunday, October 26, 2014

I've always loved scents

Some things don't change. I've always loved scents. I remember about the age of 12 or so thinking "I want to make perfume" a dream that lasted a short time but I can still picture lavender fields in france and a brick perfumery. 

Scents trigger memories for me. I find scent to be one of the strongest healing powers for me especially when it comes to moods. 

Many many moons ago I took a essential oil course, it was hard but it gave me some insight into how oils work. I took more schooling when i was doing animal rehab on essential oils with animals and worked it into my practice way back when.

Recently I signed on with DoTerra having ordered it through a friend for a couple years now I grew to love the high quality and finally decided to sign on myself.

New to their program (but not their product) it will take me a while to get familiar with their ordering process. But I am excited for things to come!

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