Monday, May 27, 2013

20 Steps Outside My Door

These hang down a fence line right outside my door. If had more fence the horses couldn't reach they'd be everywhere! They are solar, which makes them even more awesome.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Focus on Life Week 21 - Reminisce

This weeks Focus On Life topic is "Reminisce" I originally intended to post a old photo of me and a girlfriend goofing off many many years ago, but I couldn't find it. What this did was spark a wonderful hour of me thumbing through old photos. Plopped on the floor of my studio still in my stinky running clothes I got lost in photos from so long ago. I decided to focus on horse pics for this particular blog post. The one above is of Hoka a pony I owned from age 5 until he passed away (still living with me) at age 26. He impacted my life in a major way, I learnt all my basics on him. I then went on to use him as an important part of my school string when I was a riding instructor. He was pretty versatile and loved jumping, did western and english performance, some eventing and I even played polo off him for a while. I miss the quiet trail rides I used to take on him.

George was a gelding I bought in alberta and was he ever a project! This photo was taken at Luxton riding ring. The first season I showed him there he became rather notorious for bucking in one corner, bolting to the next where he bucked again and repeated his pattern. In the end I realized he was just too big a horse for me and he was sold to a man up Island where he is still living out his days.

Ah Henry, to say henry was a problem child would be an understatement. He was my first major rehab using alternative meds. He was claustrophobic so trailering was a major issue for him, which he did overcome with use of bach flower remedies and careful hauling. He also suffered from headaches, something that took us years to figure out but once we did he became a much more settled horse. We've lost track of him over the years, I hope he's doing well. He had a very very curious personality.

Kinsley was a handful, to say the least. She was the only horse I barrel raced and looking back I have to wonder "what the hell was I thinking?" as her temperament made it a challenge. This photo was from out second race. Previous to this I had opted out of taking her in grand entry since she was volatile, I took Roddy's horse Eazy instead. He got spooked and did his damndest to buck me off while carrying the canadian flag! This race started with me almost trampling a family of four, you had to enter the arena crossing the spectator walk way and the person in charge of stopping people so the racers could pass wasn't paying attention. Kinsley was NOT easy to stop once she got going and fortunately the family moved fast and got out of the way. On the way to the first barrel she bucked (and she always bucked HARD!) causing me to loose a stirrup. The second barrel was this picture, you can see she's not exactly being agreeable. On the way to the third barrel she sunfished and I lost my second stirrup. I forgot to mention I was also in my husbands team roping saddle which was about 2 inches too big for me. We tore down to a closed gate and all I could think was "OMG she's going to jump the gate!" Which she tried but fortunately my husband was there to flap his arms and stop her. She did eventually run a decent pattern if you left her alone to do her job, but you had to HANG on as you never knew when she'd decide to buck.

This is Kinsley and her foal Annie. I was doing a lot of hunter jumpers in this stage of my life and I wanted to breed Kinsley hoping for something with the physical pluses she had but NOT the temperament. Annie was my "dream horse", I carefully picked the stallion and we awaited what was to be my fancy hunter jumper. I dreamed of a bay gelding, what I got was Annie a chestnut mare. Horse people will understand how opposite these two can be. Annie was a typical chestnut mare, tending to me temperamental like her mother though no where near as bad. She hated being outside the ring and never did settle into being trail ridden. She was very athletic, almost to much as some times. I broke her myself and she was one of the easiest horses I ever started, very smart you rarely had to show her the same thing twice. She had loads of energy and could be ridden 5-7 days a week without getting wore out. This was eventually what prompted me to sell her. She needed to be ridden more than she was getting with me. She is up Island doing dressage.

This photo was from a summer trip to my grandparents, I don't think I was even 16 yet. Yes I had no hard hat on and am wearing runners, kids, what can I say? My sister and I had a blast on this horse that summer, a sweet temperament he'd tackle anything you threw at him. I remember jumping, chasing cows and trail riding on him. 

You'll notice there are some (many in fact) horses missing from this walk down memory lane. I decided to only use photos that were NON digital for this as it is a reminisce theme and pre digital seems to fit nicely. So while these certainly are not all the horses that have impacted and shared my life over the years, it is some who I remember fondly.

Friday, May 24, 2013

JAC Monthly Blog Challenge - Orange

This months topic for the Jewelry Artisan Community blog challenge is orange. Orange isn't normally a colour I use a lot but lately I've been more and more happy with incorporating it into pieces. Maybe it's a summer colour for me? The disk bead above was made using Gaffer glass, they have some rich colours and the orange was perfect for this.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

20 Steps Outside My Door

My husband loves old toy cars, one of his large (and OLD) collection.

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Earring Swap

I participated in a earring swap hosted by Jessica Wensell. My swap partner was Laurie Keefe, here the goodies I sent her. I love earrings, they are one of the pieces of jewelry I rarely leave the house without putting on.

Jessica has received my earrings, the ones she sent me haven't arrived yet but I am excited to see them.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Looking Up - Focus on Life Week 20

Looking Up on my run along the bluff.

Studio Sublime Focus on Life blog post this week is "Looking Up".

I decided to do a shorter run one day this week and go back to a trail I used to run on months ago. It's got more hills and follows along a bluff above the water. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this trail, I pass some sheep and along the water bluff the ground is often warm with some steam coming off it in the morning sun. It's so pretty and peaceful. It also goes through a section of old trees and the photo above it looking up into them. I'm glad I changed my routine it certainly was pretty.

Monday, May 13, 2013

20 Steps Outside my door

A moss covered rock waiting to be made into a fountain.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Focus on Life - Hope

If you feel you know how to get what you want out of life, and you have that desire to make that happen, then you have hope. Jennifer Cheavens

This weeks Focus on Life blog post is hope. Hope comes in many forms. Sometimes it's hope that tomorrow will be better, that this trouble will pass, hope for a smile or a lightening of the load.

Hope for me happens most mornings when I open my kiln and see what the previous days work brought. I love opening my kiln in the mornings, usually I'm still in my pj's often with a cup of tea in hand. Some days are better than others but there is always something that makes me smile in my kiln.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Colour Challenge Week 127

From the Colour Challenge FB group this is week 126. Each challenge I participate in I'll be listing the beads here on etsy.

This set has 13 beads and 4 charms in this weeks colour palette. The smallest bead is 4mm (.15 inches) x 8mm (.31 inches) and the largest (centre focal) is 10 mm (.39 inches) x 15 mm (.59). The 4 charm have sterling silver bead caps and silver plated wire, they hang about 2 cm long. There is a pair that would make a great set of earrings.

Email me at if you are interested in them. The set is $ 45.00

Monday, May 6, 2013

20 Steps Outside My Door

This photo is actually taken with me standing IN my doorway.

You're getting two pictures today because this is just so sweet. Skeeter is our feral barn cat, we've lost track of her age but she's over 16 partially blind and deaf.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Focus On Life Week 18 - Abstract

It's week 18 at the Focus On Life blog challenge and this weeks topic is abstract. This week we were encouraged to step outside reality. I rarely edit my photos let alone play with effects. So I decided to open on photoshop and play. The above photo was a raw bead photo that I played with, layered, tweaked and adjusted. Trying to work towards something very abstract. What do you think?