Monday, October 6, 2014

Good Physical Change

I have always been active growing up in the equestrian community. Coaching professionally for over 15 years and keeping track of 20 or so horses at any given time and more students than I'd ever have cared to count really kept me on my toes. It also kept me very active, but the activity was rarely focused on me. I really enjoyed coaching and had wonderful students and horses but what started to burn me out was being responsible for someone else's happiness on a daily basis. I felt my happiness starting to slip away.

About 7 years ago I quit coaching completely, sold my school horses and down sized to only having out own personal horses at home. No training and no boarders, just us. For me it was one of the best life decisions I could have made.

It allowed me to focus on myself.

I started running and a personal milestone was running my first 10K on my 40th birthday. Running has stuck with me since then but I've also added triathlon training this year. 

A life long fear of water has made swimming a struggle. I joined Tri Stars a local triathlete group and their coaches have been wonderful. I'm still not the best swimmer and struggle with it weekly but focusing my training on myself has allowed me a chance to grow mentally and physically. Current set backs aside my physical changes within the last 5-7 years have all been well worth the work.

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