Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hoka - The teacher

Hoka came immediately following Pumpkin.

I out grew Pumpkin first so was deemed the one to "move up" to a bigger pony. Enter Hoka and enter with a bang he did.

Hoka became well known in the early days for bolting. When out trail riding I was often running into the back end of my mothers horse to stop him, he really was a bit of a bugger in the early days.

He attended many clinics and a Ray Hunt clinic with him finally started to make some progress. He became a very versatile pony. English, western, jumpers and even a short stint at polo were all disciplines he managed well.

Hoka became a integral part of my school horse string when I was teaching, he was great with the young kids and his versatility never left them bored.

We even appeared in a commercial for Thrifty Foods. Rode through downtown Victoria to a restaurant for the grand induction of Sterling Silver Beef into their stores.

Hoka also stayed with me right up until his final days. He retired from teaching in his mid 20's but was one of my favourtie horses to take out for a quiet trail ride. A long way away from the early days of bolting off on me.

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