Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin - The one who started it all

Pumpkin was the first one, the pony who started it all. One summer trip to Alberta to visit our grandparents we were met in their garden with a pretty special pony. Dapple liver chestnut with a white mane and tail she was a sight to see. Boy were my sister and I excited! My grandparents had got her for us! I cannot remember who named her but one of us spotted a pumpkin in the garden and that's how she got her name.

She was a bit of a handful in the beginning, I do remember a few tosses into the weeds off her. She also like to run under low branches to get rid of us.

She taught us so much in those early days and we stayed on her longer than we probably should have. I remember a jumping class at Saanichton Fair that my feet almost hit the rails, I was probably much to long legged for her.

Pumpkin stayed with our family right up until her final days and I've got some very fond memories of that special little pony who started my journey into the horse world.

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