Thursday, October 2, 2014

Physical Change

Running used to be my get away, a time in the day for me. I used to plug in some good music and zone out in my own little world for a while. Or meet with a group of running friends and laugh, chat and run.

Lately I've been battling a few physical issues, I have a permanent back problem (scoliosis) that's never slowed me down much. It's combined recently with a sciatic issue and now a hip bursa issue. So running feels like I'm slogging through a quagmire of muck.

Up until now I've managed to alter my running program to accommodate my body and it's needs. Until now.

The bursa issue popped up last week and is probably the worst pain I've had in many many years. A OK run lead to a good swim. A short drive home led to extreme hip pain, climbing stairs was even a problem. Chiro the next day confirmed what I feared, NO running until pain is gone.


Double Hrumpf!!

I've gone from 10 K being a decent distance, to no running and feeling like I'm aging faster than I'd like. Physical pain isn't easy for me to wrap my head around but they say "change is for the good" so I'm trying to think positive and hope that in the end the time off will be worth it.

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