Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stalagmites, bats and snowshoes

I have never seen anything like the caves I saw yesterday. A gorgeous day with snow falling and we headed to the caves. A lovely setting just outside Wakefield. Walking into the caves there were about 12 tiny brown bats hanging from the ceiling hibernating, covered in tiny frozen water droplets. They were the most amazing thing. Shimmering little creatures waiting for spring. 

The caves had the most spectacular stalagmites I've ever seen. As the water drops onto the floor they form. Some reaching almost as high as the ceiling. Each with a unique shape. The ceiling was covered in frost and mica making it look like its own unique Galaxy. I could have spent all day in there. 

The end was post card worthy. Looking out onto a snowscape while still standing inside the most magical place. 

We then went to the National Park to meet with a guide and snowshoe out about 5 km to a gorgeous lookout. If I remember correctly on a clear day you could see all the way to Montreal. We didn't see any wildlife but snowshoes certainly do give you the chance to reach areas that would be harder on foot. 

All in all a magical day with so much inspiration and ideas I'm not sure where to start. 

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