Friday, February 6, 2015

Snow patterns

The house we are in is above a river. Yesterday morning I went for a walk along the railroad tracks were it looks like many people walk, snowshoe and cross country ski. There are many homes around the edge of the river but only 1/2 seem lived in. At one spot I could see across the river to a small cabin nestled at the edge of the frozen, snow covered river and though what a relaxing spot that would be to live. Quiet, pretty and peaceful. 

There is a large un touched hill right by the house and we discussed " stomping " patterns in the snow, so yesterday we put on our snowshoes and headed out. After a few tobogan runs on another hill we got to work. By working in pairs we each held one end of a rope and walked circles, creating crop circle like patterns all through the snow. 

This traveled across the hill like endless Olympic rings. 

This one was my favorite. Mandala like it had two mystery hills in the snow in the centre. This morning it's snowing so I'm curious to see if the patterns are still ther what they look like. 

We finished the dy with a trip to the Nordic spa. A large spa with 8 different saunas and many hot and cold pools it really was a treat. The finish sauna to a cold plunge followed by another sauna is quite an experience surrounded by snow. 

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