Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dog sledding

Today we headed out to go dog sledding. On the way we stopped at Meech lake to see some ice fishing. There were no fisherman, we weren't sure if it's because it was a fairly cold day or because there was a fair amount of snow fall. I was a bit disappointed. Ice fishing seems to be such an iconic part of winter in Canada it would have been neat to see it or try it. 

We did put on the snow shoes and stomp some patterns in the snow. Practicing for a installation we hope to do Thursday based around patterns and snow. I am particularly draw to the idea that Mother Nature could erase or change it within hours of it being finished. 

The dog sledding was an adventure! I had no idea it took so many dogs to pull a sled. We each went on a short loop through the trees. There was a younger dog ( pup ) added for the loop I took and it was really interesting to see her trying to figure out where she should be and how to keep up with the rest. She was beside a particularly patient dog for that reason. She was still learning. It was comical to watch her little legs move so fast, often coming up off the ground lifted up it seemed by the harness. She sure enjoyed herself! I really could picture flying across a frozen field or lake. The dogs seem to have boundless energy. 

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