Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Creativity

Good taste shouldn't have to cost anything extra. Micky Drexler

This weather is making it hard for me to focus. It's currently blowing a good wind and hailing. Today was sunny? I can't seem to decide if I'm coming or going? Spring, winter, summer, what season is it?

Instead of treating myself to my typical Dark Cherry Mocha while I was out running errands today I decided to treat myself to some spring creativity. I got my errands done in record time and got home to torch up a ton!

I picked one (well actually 3) bright spring colors, along with my Cleo obsession and just played. All in all not a terrible day, I got some not so good news half way through, normally I would have quit for the day. I think the bright colors helped me push on and finish my day.

What are you doing to help your spring creativity?

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