Thursday, April 22, 2010


Nothing can cure the soul like the senses, just as nothing can cure the sense but the soul. Oscar Wilde

Today I found myself tired, some days just start out that way. First thing this morning while stumbling around in my morning stupor feeding horses I noticed a large black rain cloud. I am not a morning person, anyone who's spent more than 5 min with me in the morning can figure that out. But this morning the black cloud caused me to stop and smell deeply. The smell of on coming rain is so fresh, crisp and clean. It perked me up, odd that a dark cloud can warm you and get you moving.

That got my morning off to a decent start, then I lagged mid day as I often find myself doing. I need some sort of mid day pick me up, maybe a walk?

Got some new bead ideas in the kiln, can't wait to see what comes out tomorrow!

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