Thursday, April 18, 2013

Globes are finally getting finished

I've been working on some globes for the last couple weeks. I had a large projects I wanted to tackle and I hate to say it but its grown even bigger! I started with blowing lots of clear globes. Then tackled making the teeny glass components to go in them. Then made the silver caps to go on top, but the hardest part was deciding what to put with what to go in them! The top one is a glass mud skipper with some sand. I think it turned out absolutely perfect ( I know I'm partial but it IS adorable ) the mud skipper nestles in the sand and it's eyes and mouth give it a lot of character. This one is 75.00 and is just over an inch around.

This rubber ducky is what started it all! Friends Kristi and Marion showed me the duckies back in Feb and I really loved the idea of theme'd globes. This ducky globe is just over 2 cm around and is 60.00

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coltpixy said...

They are so awesome!