Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I did today

Today I tackled something that's been driving me crazy for months. Our tackroom has been a disaster since fall of last year, the door hardly opens, there are piles of tack and clothing all over the floor and Roddy's bronc saddle dumped in a heap on top of it all. That sentence made me realize it's been a mess since spring! Roddy broke his shoulder promptly in spring of 2011 and his saddle has been sitting in a heap ever since, it hasn't moved! Which makes me realize how LONG this place has been a mess. See photo below, taken from the door which I had to shove hard to get it to open even that much.

Today was the day, it's pouring rain so I decided to finally tackle it. Since there was room in the alleyway of the barn (YES you read that right NO car parked in my barn!) I took everything off the floor of the tackroom and moved it into the alleyway of the barn.

During that time I un earthed 7 count EM 7 bronc saddles?! I had no idea, and from the look on Roddy's face when I told him there was 7 in there I don't think he knew he'd amassed to many either. Here's hoping he decides to sell off a few! I also found the slats to go into the trailer windows for winter hauling, something we've been looking for for years. In fact we'd given up and had more made! I also found the new purple haynet I got for Xmas about two years ago, the feed bags for the two horse trailer, a pair of clippers from my school horse days and a few old trophies.

It took several hours but I'm much happier with the way the tack room looks now. I've gotten two saddles sorted out to sell (YAY!) and hoping we can figure a few more to part with. You can see the floor and the door opens now!


Jane Perala said...

Hmmm - makes me think I aught to clean my saddle and bridle which are sitting in the middle of my craft room in the basement - oh for about 5 years now. Anybody want to purchase a dusty English saddle? LOL

Jeanne said...

Oh my gosh, this reminds me of the days when I was going to riding camp! We never owned a horse farm to have this kind of tack, we were stritctly a 1-horse family, and that horse was a 'farm horse.' Great job on the organization!