Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Tucson, a magical day

After a lazy start to the morning Andrea and I headed out to sightsee around Tucson. We headed for Saguaro National Park. Wow, I think I must have said wow at least a dozen times. The cacti are amazing, the views breathtaking. Fresh air and gorgeous scenery was just what we needed.

We soon realized we were heading in the direction of the Desert Museum another place we wanted to see and decided to stop in. What a magical place. Many different desert settings to see from every cacti imaginable to riverside creatures. Bobcats, mountain lion, otters, raptors, coati and then the magic happened for me. The hummingbird aviary. Like walking into a magical fairy land. Dozens of hummingbirds flitting about, several momma's sitting on nests. You can walk through and watch them feeding from the many feeders. I was standing watching a feeder across a bit of brush and a little hummingbird flew straight across the brush at me, up to my face, hovered, dropped down and touched my hand, hovered back up to my face and flew away.
My heart skipped a beat.
It was one of those moments you have to make yourself breath.

We spent quite a bit of time in the hummingbird aviary, it was hard to make ourselves leave.

We headed back out a different way through a bit of a higher canyon with more gorgeous views. Went to dinner with friends, laughed, listened to their gorgeous children tell stories, laughed and most importantly relaxed.

Came back to our hotel and I decided a hot tub was a good idea, as I wandered across the parking lot to the hot tub a little breeze picked up and I could hear the coyotes calling.

While sitting in the hot tub looking up at a full moon I had to wonder, how could anyone not enjoy their time in this magical area? Day two draws to a close with me thinking more positive thoughts about Tucson and my bead show experience. OH! I forgot I got to see the new venue for the Whole Bead show tonight, it looks great! I love the atrium, I think it's going to bring new exciting things to the show for 2013.


Shannon said...

You made it to the Museum! So happy you loved it- such a beautiful place!

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

Wow Nicole, sounds like a wonderful time, truly. The hummingbird experience was wonderful. Those magical little creatures are so amazing. I bet the little guy was looking for some nectar. :) But to fly up to your face then down to your hand! I love that story!