Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb Glymm Box

My Feb Glymm box arrived this week. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this one. To start off the bamboo cleansing cloths that were missing from my Jan box were not in this box either. So that was disappointing. Included in February's box was the following.

A full size 11ml bottle of Sula Paint and Peel nail polish in Berry. I'm not in love with the whole concept of "peeling" off nail polish. The color is pretty but I doubt I'll use this product as I am really hard on nail polish. Value on this is 9.00

There is a full size Burt's Bee's tinted lip balm in Tiger Lily. This I love! Burt's Bee's is one of my favorite lip balms and the color is subtle yet nice. Value is 7.99

I also got a 7ml size sample of Glam Glow mud mask, which I'm fairly keen to try. I've been doing a weekly facial mask and trying a new one is always good! Value on this is 10.00

I also got a sample of MAI Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting paper, this was disappointing. It's a 2 3/4 inch x 2 inch small sample sheet. It just looks sad to me, almost like a full sample size was cut down and sent. I've got oily skin so I am interested to see how it works how ever I doubt the size is big enough to get a good idea of that. I'm putting a value of zero on this as 100 sheets is 24.00 and this must be 1/4 a sheet?

So my value for this month was 26.99 with a couple disappointing products in there. The Burt's Bee's has made me feel a little less let down, it's a great product. But the rest I'm not so excited about.


Brittany said...

You're the first person I've seen to have gotten a Sula nail polish! Everyone else seems to have gotten eyeshadows (I got a shimmery pink myself). I think there was a collective sigh for Feb's Glymm box. My subscription just ran out...figuring out what I want next.

Also I should mention, since you clearly love beauty stuff! I'm running some sweet contests over on my blog to win a $50 LAQA&CO gift set and a prize package from Pretty Beauty & Books. Check them out here:

N Valentine Studio said...

I'll check out your blog, are you the admin on the FB page? We should start a swap area so we can swap samples. I'm not as disappointed in the nail polish as I am that blotting sheet it just seems so cheezy.

cherisecheeks said...

I love the idea of swapping samples! I have a Sula Blue Moon eyeshadow I havent opened yet that I want to swap for something, and also these blue and black hair extensions.. burts bees, etc! I wasnt impressed with the feb box either, I am kind of regretting signing up for another 3 mnth sub.