Monday, February 13, 2012

Falling out of love

I remember when scrapbooking came out thinking "where has this been all my life". I bought paper, books, scissors, punches, more paper, stickers, more punches and paper (again). I put photos into albums lovingly created mainly my husbands rodeo pictures and articles. I spent hours chronicling the years, fussed over page layouts and carefully detailed events. Then slowly it became an effort, papers sat at the table for weeks then months untouched. And finally I lost interest in it. Some days I wish I could re spark my interest in it, but I can't it just seems like way too much work!

Have you fallen out of love with anything?


kathyd said...

i fell out of love with that same thing . i found someone who was new to stamping and stamping love and gave them all my supplies . pay it forward works every time .

Jeanne said...

I hear ya Nicole! I started rubber stamp art over 20 yrs ago and was hooked for years, then I put it down over several moves and after about 10 years finally pulled the stuff back out. Now there's techniques that boggle my mind, and tons of more things to buy to get back 'in touch' with the art... not feeling it so much, but I do still make the occasional card and Christmas tags. Then there's the scrapbooking... I got alllll kinds of stuff for it, and made a total of 3 pages. Dedicated space so that you don't have to pack it all up every single time is a deterrent. It makes it such an effort.

Sandra Young said...

Scrapbooking is a lot of work - there are so many things we had to buy! But while I fell out of love with traditional scrapbooking, I am in love with digital scrapbooking. I signed up with Heritage Makers. Not only can you do your scrapping right on your laptop but all photos are uploaded to their server - nice fire protection.