Thursday, July 8, 2010

Move IN day!

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy - they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
Marcel Proust

Today was a very very happy day for me, I moved into the new studio space!

I've been needing more studio space for a very long time. We tried to think of ways to add on to my existing studio and it just would work. So we bought a portable building to move onto the property. I planned to make it a metal studio and leave the glass in the house studio. TODAY is move in day. Here's some pics! I am in heaven. I'll be posting more pictures as it progresses.
Years ago the studio spot was a small field.

Then is was a veggie garden for a couple years.

Then the studio flew IN! Well it came on a flatbed and a crane dropped it into the perfect spot!
There is sat for a while. It had to settle so we could square it back up.

Then my husband added a tiny deck at the front door. I cleared a pathway through the garden and this is now my front door!

This is the view from my back door, notice my wonderful little pond. My raspberry plant and two juicy raspberry's on them today!

My metals bench is immediately to the left as you come through the front door. I found the perfect bench, Thanks Karen and Scott!

This room will eventually be a machining/tool room. I can shut the door and the dust etc can stay in there. I love the bright cheery colors, I was worried when I started to paint with them but it makes me smile every time I walk in there. The tools will eventually be on a workbench and the cabinet they are sitting on right now will go on the opposite wall.

Currently this is my most favorite part, a HUGE workbench I can walk around. It'll be raised up about 4-5 more inches so it's more ergonimically correct for me. It's a bit low right now.


adee said...

Hey Nicker! Great studio!
Torch on girl!!
Best Wishes!

Adee (on LE)

BeadSire said...

Sensational - good for you Nicole, the studio looks awesome, so pleased that your new oasis is almost ready!

Wiley said...

You must be in heaven!! Congrats!! Looking forward to more pictures...maybe even glass studio pictures? I love seeing peoples studios ;-)

Leilani said...

How nice to have your very own creative space!! It feels very welcoming, just from the photos.