Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The tragedy of our time is that we are so eye centered, so appearance besotted. Jessamyn West

I do think appearance if often judged. But I also think I like looking good! In fact today I've felt grubby all day. I spent this morning grinding pliers, which is messy and stinky. Then I madly made a LOT of beads!

I'm in the Sewing and Craft show this friday and saturday. I am teaching a byzantine class (beginner) and I normally teach 6 students for four hours. I have 11 students for 2 hours! Yikes! I didn't have enough tools, so that's why I was grinding pliers today. So if one of my students happens to read this please cut me some slack, I didn't handle the class bookings the show did.

Needless to say after grinding and beadmaking I felt grubby. I had a wonderful luxurious bath, trying to recharge and feel human again.

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