Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st and what a day it was!

Still in Pt Townsend !! And what a blast! This morning started with me a bit foggy but a trip to the gym seemed to get me going, I think I am liking my new running shoes. I've been trying them out on the treadmill I think I was convinced they would NOT fit but today I think I decided they do! That'll make my feet a lot happier. After loads of blisters from the walking in crappy shoes in Mexico I've decided I need good shoes.

I had lunch with Nicole B another good friend, she's getting married and I forgot how much fun it is to plan weddings. Well we didn't plan a whole lot but we had a great visit! Seeing her so happy you can't help but feed of the joy.

An afternoon spent playing in the studio, then mexican with Andrea's Dad and Sally made for a fun dinner! Then back into the studio from some great creative evening time. I rarely work in the evenings but something about being here got me on a roll! I'm pretty excited about what I made today and have a few more ideas.

Tomorrow we go to glass beach !!!!

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