Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tri training week one

So I've made it through week one of training for my first triathlon with the Tri Stars group. All in all most of it has been pretty great! I'm struggling with the swimming I think it will be my weakness, breathing in seems to be a hard action for me. I'll have to practice it lots.

I'm enjoying the biking more than I thought I would, I thought road riding would make me nervous but it's not too bad out here in the country. I've got a 9 KM loop that I'm pretty comfortable with and it's got a nice mix of hills to challenge me.

So for week one I was active 5 days of the week. I did two bike sessions on my own and two runs on my own. Tonight is the start of week two with a lecture and swim session.

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Margareta said...

I so admire you for taking such a challenge <3
I love biking but not running at all.
Greetings from Finland :-)