Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bead Soup

It's Bead Soup time! Lori Anderson always makes this a lot of fun. My partner this year is Mags Saari and she sent me some great soup. She sent two! What a sweetheart, I hadn't gotten any a swap or two ago so she sent an extra (she totally didn't have to do that) and they are both very cool.

The top one is earth tones, the focal bead has such a old world feel to it. The agate beads are very earthy I might add a copper pierced piece to this mix.

The second photo is so very ME! It's got a winter/snow feel to it and the lighthouse focal is very west coast. I don't think she could have gotten a more bang on soup for me. OH, the two little white hearts are perfect too. I collect hearts, with a last name like Valentine I guess it was inevitable. I cannot wait to do something with this mix, it's sitting on the window ledge being moved about waiting for the perfect idea to strike.

The reveal date and blog hop is May 3rd so check back to see what I did with these wonderful beads. 

This year there is also a pintrest page

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Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Oh lucky you! I was Mags partner for BSBP6 and she is a wonderful partner! Her soups are some of the most exquisite, beautiful mixes to work with! She is also an extraordinary artist -- visiting her blog is always a breathtaking experience for me. The jewelry is simply stunning, and she can create with such diversity in color and style.

I adore the art beads you received and the gorgeous gems and crystals! Two soups! She sent me an abundance also!

The two of you working together will certainly define and put the art into art jewelry for BSBP8! I love your work too -- the turquoise and lime lampwork you made and sent her is so soft and pretty! I can't wait to see what you both create.

Happy Hopping!