Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I can do this!

Yes me, the person afraid of swimming in open water has join a beginner triathlon group.  I've join the beginner Tri Star Group and my first training session is tonight, and it's swimming YIKES!

Now I can swim, fairly well I think. But I've never swam laps and haven't had swimming lessons since I was a kid so this should be entertaining. I've bought my swim suit and I must admit it's very comfy. I've got a swim cap and I must admit I have NO idea how the heck you get all your hair in those things, hopefully that's part of tonights lecture (though I doubt it!) or someone will help me.

While I've spent the last couple days with several thoughts of "what the hell was I thinking" I am excited! Stay tuned I'll try and update my blog tuesdays or wednesday with progress reports.


Pam Pitts said...

Your bravery and ambition is very inspiring. You can do this! I love how you are adding so many new adventures in your life.

N Valentine Studio said...

Thanks Pam! It's a easy triathlon gears towards beginners so the running portion doesn't make me too nervous but swimming and biking OH MY

AutEv said...

I was on the swim team in High School and in the shower before getting into the pool we used to turn our caps inside out, fill them with water, then pull them over our heads. That's the fun way, anyway :)It's so impressive that you're facing your fears and trying something new and challenging! - Julie SB