Friday, April 20, 2012

Julep April Mystery Box

I got my Julep April Mystery box today. I'll admit I was really hoping for one of the gift certificates, I have a wish list! But I'm happy with what I got!

I got the following polish colors Melissa (a repeat so I'll trade it). Heather a nice rich shimmery brown. Alicia a opaque peach. I also got a fast dry top coat and the Cuticle Essential Oil, I'm really excited about this it's in a roller style bottle and my hands take such a beating with work I am hoping this helps! It smells great a bit of a citrus scent.

I paid 19.99 for all this and the product value is as follows

Cuticle Oil 18.00
Top Coat 14.00
Alicia 14.00
Melissa 14.00
Heather 14.00

That's a 74.00 value for 19.99! I really do love their polishes and they often have really cool tutorials for nails I want to try this one, its cherry blossoms!

If you want to try their service here and use COLOR4ONE and you'll get your first box for only a penny!

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