Friday, April 13, 2012

April Julep Maven Box

My April Julep Maven box came today! I have to say I got a makeup bag from them yesterday that is really cute a great travel size. It was supposed to be in my March bag but got left out, I was impressed they shipped me a replacement one right away.

On to the April box, this month I got a Bombshell box (me a Bombshell??). It came with a Annette polish which is a really nice dove grey opaque. Also a Parker polish a golden tangerine opaque I love! I had to force myself to not sit down and re paint my toes! It's sunny outside, I'll paint them tonight but this color is so yummy!

Included in the box is a Pedi Creme, which if it's anything like their hand scrub it's going to be really nice. I got two toe spreaders and some easter eggs as well. A really nice treat!

I'm loving this months colors, I also ordered a Mystery Box but it's not here yet *pout*

You can get your first month free if you want to try this subscription I highly recommend it, it's my favorite out of all of mine so far.

Go here

and use code COLOR4ONE at the checkout and you'll get your first box for a penny!

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