Friday, April 27, 2012

Bead Swap

I did a bead swap through the Bead Soup group on facebook with Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures. I got my beads the other day from her and WOW I got spoilt!

I sent Lisa the following, there was also a toggle in there I forgot to include in the photo. I tried for happy spring colors and mostly beads I'd made.

She sent me this! Can you say WOW! First off I love turquoise, it's one of my favorite stones and she sent me tons to choose from. I am thinking I'm going to use the turquoise and make a necklace for myself with one of my copper skulls. I'm thinking a multiple strand piece with turquoise and maybe some copper accents. I love the silver chain she sent too I may do something for myself with that and the silver skull I did. I wanted to thank Lisa for being such a great swap partner!

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