Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love glass

Passion is what you need to be good, an unforgiving passion. David Easton

I love glass, I could play with it all day. Watching it melt, the reactions, the shaping, the colors. Everything about it, I love it.

Well, maybe not the hot factor. I burnt myself today, but since I KNOW not to pick up a tool that's recently been in the flame I blame the stupid factor for that one.

I still love glass! I got some info today on a trip to Italy in 2011 and boy am I lusting after it. There are three classes, one a micro mosaic class. One joint class both Lucio Bubacco and Emilio Santini teach together. If I win the lottery I want to take the joint class and the micro mosaic. All though I think it's the type of trip you should take with a good friend so I'll need to work on that part.

Silver Moon another copper capped and cored, ready to wear bead.

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