Sunday, May 23, 2010


An interior is the natural projection of the soul. Coco Chanel

Sometimes I wonder if my home should change style as often as I do? Right now I am a bright, girly phase. I never liked pink before but lately I think "Ohhhh look at that pretty bright pink" then shake my head that I actually thought it!

I love my house, it took forever and a month to build. We kept changing our mind about just about everything. The only place I'd change a few things is the main bathroom, the bathtub is way too big and the color is peach ICK! But if that is my only complaint I figure we did not too bad.

I've been really drawn to copper lately, been banging away on it in the studio. I need some of these the texture hammers I used to do these two bracelets. I made the ID tag portion at Andrea's and love the texture the hammers make. Something else to add to my wish list!

I also got this keepsake bead done today for Heidi of Equine Solutions, she wanted some color and silver on the hollow bead and I am thrilled with how it turned out!

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