Monday, April 20, 2015

What do you see?

While weeding a rather chaotic raspberry bed yesterday I had a lot of time to think. Mainly about my metal studio, which sits in my garden. That I have not worked in for months. I think it's often where I do my best work, where the magical pieces happen. But I'm just not inspired to be in there. I thought about why?

I miss having friends to enjoy those creative moments with.

I have no inspiration.

Nothing screams out at me "create me" when I walk in there.

In a nut shell my metal muse is on vacation.

Are you an artist? What do you do to get re inspired?

Do you love jewelry? What is it about a piece that draws you in? 

These are some of my favourite pieces to make, but they are larger and labor intensive so the price tends to mean they do not sell well. Which I think leads to my lack of inspiration, when I create something that no one wants I tend to loose the excitement. 

How can you see this piece improved?

Would you wear something like it?

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