Thursday, April 2, 2015

Do You Sell?

Do you sell something?

Do you sell it on your personal Face Book page?


In a era where you can buy and sell pretty much anything online a interesting anomaly has occurred. Many people are running "home based" business. Some are a true home based business, a skill or a trade. Construction companies often fit this profile, coaches, artists and many others fit the same profile. But there are many (and I DO mean many!) multi level style "home based" businesses.

If you are selling something it's a business. Are you posting your wares daily on your personal Facebook page? Why? A business if you want it to be successful needs to be run like one. Having a business page on Facebook is a great way to keep your customers informed on new products or anything new and interesting your business has going on. A personal Facebook page is not the place to do this. A personal Facebook page is where most people keep in touch with family and friends. If you are running your business from a personal page you risk spamming your family and friends with information they may not be interested in. You also risk being "hidden" by friends and family who tire of the constant "buy my stuff" posts. *GASP* yes you can hide people on Facebook and while friends and family may love you, constant posts about "product of the month" may annoy them enough they are forced to "hide" you, which means they miss out on your truly interesting life moments. Let's your friends and family choose to join a business page along with your customers to find out your business information. It's important to share the odd post from your business page to your personal page once and a while ( a couple times a week is a good goal) because, lets face it friends and family DO want to support you and your endeavours so the odd business post allows them to do that.

Another good option for a business os to have a blog. A blog is a great place to perhaps write articles about your business. Write about new products. Write about something exciting happening. If your a coach write articles about what you coach, how your coach and anything pertaining to your coaching skills. If your an artist write about what you do, how you do it and interesting techniques.

Both a blog and a Facebook page should also include free information for your customers. Always asking for customers to buy something can be a turn off for the most dedicated one. Give out information for free. A video, a tutorial  or any kind of information about your business. Give something back to those who support you.

Finally, if your business information and posts are secretive at all. Stealth posts about "New and exciting product" that people need to "contact you for information" really are to good business practice. If you are not willing to scream from the rooftops " I use/sell X and it's amazing because X" right there up front in your posts you've got a problem. 1. Customers loose faith in anything people are not up front about, essentially they look at you like an old fashion snake oil seller. 2. It shows you really don't believe in what you are selling enough to even shout it out loud. So be honest about what you are selling. Every. Single.Time

And remember……………..

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