Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mindful eating

I'm starting to realize one of my largest food struggles is multi tasking while eating.

Kara Lydon blogs about mindful eating and I realize I fail epically at this. After coming home from a week spent with good friends where at least once a day we all sat down to eat a meal it occurred to me I do not do this near enough. I usually check email while eating, write to do lists, cruise the web or FB but rarely do I just eat a meal.

I think that's what lead to me eating while bored, later in the evening while watching a movie. My late night snacks are about to get squashed. Along with a clean/healthy eating plan I'm implementing a "eat only at a meal" rule. I need to sit and un plug while eating. This might be harder than I think.

Do you eat mindfully?

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