Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Move in the pool

Last night the slow lane got move over on in the pool. Not a big deal, right? OIY! Yup, big deal for a nervous swimmer. Now we swim in a middle lane. Which means no wall on one side. To me it feels like being in the middle of the ocean, big wide open spaces nothing to ground you.

It also means a rope on one side, which I fret over getting my arm over top of. Of course if I bump it I want to hang a hard right (and panic) so I have to calmly tell myself to "just keep swimming" the entire time. 

It also means more chop (waves) which makes breathing a struggle. 

I knew sooner or later I'd loose the security of the wall lane and eventually I will get over it. This morning though, I'm moving a bit slow. Tense swimming makes for sore muscles.

1 comment:

Coach Connie said...

Good for you for moving and gettin' it done. You're awesome.