Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Best day ever!

See that pink swim cap at the very end? That's me swimming in my very first triathlon. It was truly the most amazing day ever!

The swim portion went well, I did the backstroke for about 3/4 of it but I am totally ok with that. I felt confident leaving the pool and a huge sense of accomplishment. 

The transition isn't too bad, the race was staggered fairly well so the transition area was pretty quiet.

The bike went really well, there were a few "this is hard" moments on some of the hills and when it started pouring rain but all in all the bike was good.

The run OIY! It took about 2/3 of the run before my legs even felt like they were my own. I didn't expect that lead leg feeling at all. I guess it's common after coming off the bike but the run was a struggle. 

Crossing the finish line, one of the best moments ever!

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Mags said...

That's a huge accomplishment, congratulations!