Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Treadmill running and intervals

Sticking to my weekly blog post about my Triathlon experience today is all about treadmill running. Yuck right? Not my favourite thing to do, I don't think any runners like using a treadmill. But when you live in a rain forest sometimes the weather doesn't co operate.

Today was one of those days, to top it off I found myself short on time. So I decided to try sprint intervals on the treadmill. 1 min of slow running and 2 min of hard running, no walking for 30 min. I'll be honest I started it thinking there wouldn't be a hope of me getting through the whole thing. Usually I do a walk run combo out on my runs, in my mind I didn't believe I could run for 30 min straight. Well, wrong! I did it and felt great after. I do think the mixture of swim, run and bike affects each one. I'm pretty sure all that biking and those kicking drills swimming have improved my leg endurance and my running.

So there you have it, treadmill and sprints conquered today.

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