Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A month away

Less than a month until the Tri for MS.

Went to the Sooke pool twice this week, friday went great, monday not as great. But I went and I conquered! I need to get used to other people swimming in the same lane as me, the wake (choppy water) bothers me quite a bit. It's startling to suddenly have small waves in a pool!

I did try the backstroke and *sigh* it's so much more comfortable than freestyle for me. The swim coach there approached me, I guess it was obvious I was struggling. We chatted for a bit and he asked me, "where's your happy place in the water". My reply, "OUT of it". So he suggested finding a stroke that does not stress me out, and the backstroke is it for sure. While I'll be working towards getting better at the free style it's nice to know I can do a stroke that makes me relaxed (somewhat) and still keep moving.

This weeks bike ride clocked my first 40K bike! One very long hill, and we all got it done!

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