Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was at MISSA all week taking a couple classes. I started last weekend with a metal etching class with Crys Harse. What a exciting class it was! We etched copper and brass, she brought a endless supply of different resist mediums so it was really fun to try them all out. I see some larger pieces in my future as a result of this class!

While I was there I really enjoyed the fact that there was NO cell phone reception anywhere, so from 9-5 every day I had time to learn, think and grow. I am going to try and implement this into my studio routine as a monday to friday work plan, no phones or internet from 10-4. Think I can do it?

I also enjoyed meeting other artists in the many many other mediums running classes. So much so that I decided I wanted to see if there was a class during the week I could take. As it turned out there was room in Julia Lowthers shoe box studio class. So I figured why not?

Class was in the boat house, a wonderful setting. We saw otters, a heron and loads of starfish on our walks in and out of the workshop. The class was a lot of fun. Julia works very differently from me and I had several ah haaaaa moments. I highly recommend her, the best class notes and kit provided ever!

My favorite technique was learning how to make these twisted brass pieces. Most people made theirs into bangles but I saw tools! I see many more of these in my future if I can find the square rod stock for it.

One last photo of Pedder Bay, it was such a joy to spend time is such a serene setting.

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