Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How does the season affect my work?

I find myself often lacking motivation in the winter. I live in Victoria BC and it's often gray and overcast. Being that it's a rain forest area we get a LOT of rain and the gray days that come with it can be depressing.

I find I look forward to time spent with friends this time of year. I often feel the need to run away to some place brighter, be it brighter weather or a brighter out look.

Good friends can often give you a boost, brightening my mood often boosts creativity. I'm blessed to have many good friends I just wish I had more closer!

While I was in Chinook I made a bunch of boro glass hearts, something new for me and really fun! I see lots more of these in my future.


Andrew Thornton said...

I know what you mean about feeling lackluster in the winter. I can handle about a month of it before I start to shut down. My brain says, "Go to sleep. Hibernate. Do not make anything. Go to sleep." The worst bit is that if I don't make anything for awhile, I get cranky. So I'm tired AND cranky! No fun!

So I try to leave for warmer climates. This year I came to Tucson. I've been here for awhile now and it has definitely helped. I do miss my home, but I'll be back shortly.

Oh and yes, my sister does sell the heart with wings online.

N Valentine Studio said...

I hear you Andrew, I am so ready tog et out of this rain forest. Give me seasons! Not one long wet one LOL That's too funny I didn't know your sister was greengirl I have tons of her stuff!