Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Waxing and Waning

As an artist I find myself often flitting from one piece to the next. I look at my work bench and see several 1/2 finished pieces, some have been sitting there for a while. Glass may entrance me this week but next week it may be metal, sometimes the shift lasts weeks or even months. I never know what's going to draw me back to the other or when. While I never truly move completely away from either medium I do swap back and forth a lot. It makes me wonder if there is a more efficient way of working?


Shelly said...

Your post hit a "Home Run" for me,,,,,,,or wait, should I stay on Second,,,attempt 3rd, or keep Still?

Oh My Stars, I am all over the board and back again! Today I spent about 12 hours finishing things for the Ruffles and Rust Show this weekend. "Shell, You've got to finish 'this and that' and Oh yeah, maybe make more of THOSE!!!

I think it's a Artistic Flaw....but sometimes, as stated, you just "Run" with it for a while!

In my mind of thinking, you are perfectly NORMAL,,,or ABOVE Normal,,,perhaps seeking the perfect creation! Ahhhh, go with it!


N Valentine Studio said...

I'd like t be more efficient but I think this is just the way I work! I may go back to making lists with deadlines so I don't get stuck in a crunch I do not work well under pressure.