Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowmobiling day one

We were in Princeton last week at good friends Maggie and Terry Turner. They took us out snowmobiling, snowshoeing and we got a good visit! I really miss them now that they've moved up North but seeing the gorgeous country this last week I can totally see why they moved.

Day One snowmobiling. I was slow and got stuck a few times. But everyone is friendly and happy to help you out. Can you tell my the grins on our faces we are having fun?

We went a was out in the bush up to a clear cut and everyone played around. I took pictures and got in a bit of a rest, the throttle was a bit tough on my right thumb. They found a little jump and everyone (except me) gave it a go.
Then we found a big hill and everyone took turns wizzing up and down it. I even gave this a go!

I had no idea it'd be so much fun!

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