Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maybe being oneself is always and acquired taste. Patricia Hampel

With the Olympics going on right across the water being oneself for me right now is being a very proud Canadian. I am so impressed with Vancouver and Canada in general. I am a bit bummed we didn't get tickets to go see any of the events. I was in Calgary for the 88 Olympics and there is nothing to compare to the energy at the Olympics.

Today I had a fantastic ride on Indy, he's settled down and is behaving a bit more like himself. His rehab is steadily going ahead, all though I have to say his breathing concerns me a bit. I expected him to have better wind than he does. I may try him on some lung herbs and see if that helps.

The weather was gorgeous again here today, I got my garden top dressed and got my herb and flower beds weeded!

One little crocus is poking it's head up. The cherry trees had bloomed a bit by later afternoon today, it's amazing how quickly things bloom when the sun comes out.

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Shelly said...

Can you believe this weather???

We had to have been in the 60's today in Washington! I worked at Joyworks here in Downtown Snohomish and the streets were full of cyclists, motorcyles and even shoppers in Flip Flops! Unreal!

I plan to do a bit of gardening myself tomorrow!!! Wow,,,In February!!!

Enjoy it while we have it....hope the Olympians are fairing well with the inclimate weather!!

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