Monday, August 3, 2015

SRI Triathlon

Sunday was another triathlon The Self Transcendence at Elk Lake. I have no race pictures yet, the picture above was from our warm up swim Saturday, with my fantastic coach Lindsey Millar in the centre in Tri Stars green!

It was my first ever NO wetsuit race, and it went pretty well! The swim was actually fairly un eventful until I rounded the last bouy and wound up in the on coming Olympic Distance swimmers coming back in. Offff smack to the face, bbbwwaaapppp kick in the side………thwack……thunk and SCREW this I'm OUTTA here. I sped up and over to the side a bit, probably shouldn't have speed up as I think it might have caused me bike issues later but it got me out of the fray. I continued on through the bouts to finish my swim.

The bike was painful, I'm cramping in my left hip which pulls my knee into the centre making peddling a issue. But I got the 20 KM done, not pretty and not fast but done. My run took me about 2 KM to get my legs under me but I'm again fairly happy with my time.

I had hoped to finish in a time under 2 hours but I finished in 2 hours and 3 min. Still my fastest race yet!

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