Monday, August 11, 2014

Thunder In The Valley

Roddy and I attended Thunder In The Valley last weekend as competitors for the first time.

This drag race takes place on a 1/4 mile track instead of the 1/8th mile track I am used to. It was my first time ever on a different and longer race track. 

I missed my first run saturday morning, we were late getting in friday night and just didn't make it through the technical station in time. Turns out the track had no traction and the cars were all spinning wheels most of sat so missing that first run was possibly a good thing.

My first run was a bit nerve wracking, a different track, crew etc means a lot of changes. I completely messed up my first burn out. But once I got going that 1/4 mile track is SO much fun!

You have a ton of time to stop at the end of the track so you can go for it and have no worries of getting stopped at the end. I had two run within my bracket time and two runs that were too fast. I think maybe the universe is telling me something, it might be time to move up a bracket.

My second run of sat earned me the fastest reaction time with a .001! One of the bikes managed to tie my reaction time but I finished the weekend with the fastest reaction time out of 200+ cars. 

THIS GIRL had the fastest reaction time out of ALL the cars! Little ole me, in the street division. I'm still smiling!

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