Saturday, March 30, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 13

Have Faith

This week's picture prompt from the Focusing on Life blog challenge is "Have Faith". I'm not a religious person, but there are many things in life that make me happy, that I look forward to and that I know will be there to make me smile. That in itself is religious to me. 

My garden makes me immensely happy. I love this time of year when greenery starts to pop it's head up and the bulbs start to come up. It helps me get through our long grey winters that I am really not so fond of. I look forward to seeing the new growth and if there are any surprises for me.

One of my favourite bulbs are grape hyacinths. Something about the profusion they bloom with and the colour just make me smile. I always bring s small bunch into the house, it brings some spring joy into my inside world.

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