Thursday, July 12, 2012

What a settling week

I'm at MISSA all week taking a class from Cryse Harse. The above photo I stole from their website as I've been lax about taking pictures. This is a picture of the cove you look out onto from the site. It's an amazing setting.

I am doing some larger scale metal work and really enjoying it. I've made some wind chimes, several bowls (one large one!) and am working on a box frame. The class is 5 days and that really allows you to settle into a nice relaxing work process. No panic to get things done. We've also re finished a few hammers which really excited me, I never know how to fix tools once I've messed up the heads. 

I hope to take a class here every year, they offer a huge range of mediums and the people are just amazing. There are people from all over the world and instructors from everywhere as well. They have a few evening events so it allows you to met other artists. I cannot say enough good things about MISSA if you ever want to take a class somewhere else this would be the place!

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