Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Julep Maven

My first Julep Maven box came today, and yes it seems a though I am addicted to beauty boxes! I still get giddy when I find a little package in my mail box all for me! This box was a penny, yup you read that right a penny. I got it on a introductory promotion they were having.

I got a awesome hand scrub, it smells a bit citrusy (is that a word?) and made my hands baby soft. My hands take a lot of abuse, especially if I'm working more metal than glass. So the scrub gave me a pretty big smile.

My boxes theme was Bombshell, not really me but fun none the less. The orangeish color is Natasha and not a color I'd use. it will be going into my gift box. But the green HOBOY a nice sparkly limey green. Sofia I like! I'm thinking it will look nice under my white China Crackle polish. I never do my nails but pretty much always have polish on my toes.

The hand cream value is 32.00 and the nail polish 14.00 each, which seems like a huge value for a penny! I'm pretty happy with this box and am excited to see what the colors are in the next one.


Aleksandra said...

I got mine today too! I'm Classic beauty with a twist. I also got the shine on hand scrub and my polishes were Brooke (sheer shimmery purple) and Jennifer (sheer with a hint of pink). Both are PERFECT for me and I'm super happy!

Aleksandra said...

BTW, I'm following your blog now!

N Valentine Studio said...

I love the Brooke, purple is so my color. I'm hoping I get it in another box later.

Aleksandra said...

I'd say it's better as a top coat because the base is sheer it's not really purple like I expected. But, it's still fab!