Saturday, September 17, 2011

A challenge

I’ve been struggling this year with one thing consistently, finishing the metal studio. I got the walls filled, sanded and painted with great gusto. Found a work bench and some cabinets. Set up my soldering bench and some cork boards.

And, then, there it is. I’ve been working in it but haven’t managed to get the rest done.

I have plumbing to connect. The sink and pipes are there and ready but the plumber needs to come do the connections, and he really doesn’t seem t understand how badly I want to get this finished! Once the sink is in I can get the cabinets hung and get the machining bench set up. This is something I’ve been dying to do! I want all my heavy tools bolted to a bench, and they’ll stay there! Ready to use when I need them. I’ve also got three more inspiration boards I’d like to hang and a couple pieces of art that need to go up on the walls.

I wonder why this seems to be taking me so long?

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