Sunday, August 29, 2010


The SaTeam has decided to try some blog carnivals, where everyone blogs about the same topic. Gives people a chance to see how things affect one another and to links up blogs.

The topid this time is "how does texture affect your work?" I love texture! I think that's fairly evident in my spinner rings. It's rare I do a ring without texture!

My favorite texturing tools are Jim Moore's texture stamps, I have several but really and kicking myself for not getting a dozen or so. They really are my favorite tool in the studio right now.

This ring has two different texture stamps work onto the base, then hammered rings added. Layering textures add interest and fun to a piece. I don't think texture is something I will move away from any time soon!

Other SaTeam bloggers writing about texture in their work are


Stacie @ said...

I can TOTALLY see why those texture stamps are your favorite! Very cool.

BTW- your rings (especially that second one) are gorgeous!!! And very well photographed. ;-)

BeadSire said...

Beautiful designs - I love the texture on your spinner rings, they are truly unique!

Danagonia said...

The texture on that second ring is to die for. Just love your work!

Anonymous said...

Your rings are gorgeous, super texture. If you ever get bored with them, send them over to Germany *lol

Stacie @ said...

Love that ring on the bottom, actually I really like the ring on the top too. Such an unusual texture on the bottom ring. Great link about your metal stamps!

sassy mia said...